LHL Fluidized Bed Jet Mill

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LHL Fluidized Bed Jet Mill is a new type jet milling equipment combined the fluidized bed jet milling technology and classification technology. Significant advantages of lower energy consumption, higher particle size and higher reliability compare with traditional jet mill,and it is widely used in powder materials ultrafine processing. LHL air jet mills are suitable for ultra-fine size reduction of many materials up to a Moh’s hardness of 10.


Particle size: 3-45um can be adjusted


Narrow particle size distribution

Meet GMP requirement

Especially apply to the high purity material,pharmaceuticals and food.

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LHL Fluidized Bed Jet Mill

Working Principles

After cooling, filtrating and drying, the compressed air will form supersonic airflow through nozzle and the airflow will rip into the crushing chamber to make the materials fluidized. The accelerated materials will converge at the meeting point of the several nozzles and produce violent collision, attrition, and shearing to be superfine-ground. The crushed materials will be transported to the classifying-sections by the updraft airflow and the coarse particles and fine powders will be separated by centrifugal force and draught of blower. The qualified fine powders will enter the bag collector and the cyclone for collection. The purified gas will be discharged from the fan.


1.Lower energy, consumption which can be saved is 30 percent of energy compared with the traditional jet mill.
2.Large scope of the input particle size, maximum 5mm.
3.Equipped with superfine Self-diffluent Classifier, suitable for the products in narrow distribution.
4.Compact structure, saving covering-area.
5.No storage, no dead angle in the grinding chamber, easily to be dismantled and cleaned, disinfected, convenient to change materials.
6.Grinding at lower temperature without media, especially suitable for grinding of low melting point and thermo-sensibility materials.
7.Inert gases can be used as media when materials to be easily burnt and exploded ground.
8.Large scope of comminution, randomly adjust particle size of production in 3~180μm, more models, which can be adopted for the output within 5~3000Kg/h.
9.Auto-control, simple handle, stable operation, good production environment.

Technical Parameter

LHL air jet mill

Technological Process

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It is widely used in chemical industries, mining, abrasive material, refractory material, non-metal mines, metallurgy,building materials, pharmacy, food, pesticide, feedstuff, new materials, environmental protection and other fields.Meanwhile ,it can be used for the ultra fine pulverzing,disintegrating and reinforcing grain for all kinds of dry materials

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