LHP Multi-grade Classifier

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The LHP Multi-grade Classifier is composed by several self-diffluent classifiers, which is mainly used in the production of narrow particle size distribution, such as abrasive, superhard materials, metal powders, non-ferrous metal powders, battery materials, light (reflective) materials, coating materials, insulation materials, carbon powders, silica gel, foaming agent, etc. Unique ladder flow structure design, the performance is unapproachable, the technical level is far ahead in the domestic and international similar products.

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LHP Multi-grade Classifier

Working Principle

LHP Multi-Classifier begins with a rough and ready classification from the self-detaching district, where most of the oversize particle is rejected and the rest enter into the classifying district with upward air, where separating into the oversize part and the fine part is achieved by the centrifugal force and attraction force, the fine is collected and the oversize is discharged. LHP Multi-classifier being made of several LHB Classifiers is a closed loop system which can give several different specifications directly.


The classifier is a new ultra-micro classifier independently developed by our company. It is a perfect combination of self-split inertial classification technology and centrifugal classification technology. The core technology has reached the advanced level in the world today, and its technical performance is a qualitative leap forward than that of turbo classifier .
1. It is used to produce products with narrow particle size distribution requirements, and the upper and lower limits of finished product particle size are strictly controlled.
2. It produce several granularity grade products at same time, one multi-classifier can replace several single-stage classifiers.
3. Low energy consumption: the same processing capacity, energy consumption is reduced by 50% compared with other horizontal and vertical classifiers.
4. High efficiency: With the same processing capacity, the classification efficiency is increased by 50% compared with other horizontal and vertical classifiers.
5. High precision: high classification fineness, completely eliminate oversize particles and sieve residues in the product.
6. Low speed: the same classification particle size, the speed of the classification wheel is reduced by 50% compared with other horizontal and vertical classifiers. When producing powders with Mohs hardness <5, the classifying wheel has no wear; when producing powders with Mohs hardness ≥7, the service life of the classifying wheel is increased by 5 to 8 times compared with other horizontal and vertical types.
7. Full structure: According to different special requirements, a dedicated hierarchical structure can be configured.
8. It can form a closed or open circuit system with ball mills, Raymond mills, impact mills, airflow mills and other grinding equipment.
9. Negative pressure production, no dust pollution, excellent environment.
10. High automatic, strong stability and easy operation.

Technical Parameter

LHP mul-grade classifier

Technological Process

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1. Classifying of all kinds of powders, remove debris and break up.
2. Separating of coarse particles entrained by ultrafine powder and nano powder; classification of materials with high viscosity, strong agglomeration, difficult to disperse and poor fluidity.

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