LHU Contraflow Classifier

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The LHU Contraflow Classifier is the best choice for the classification of the sticky, aggregated, illiquid and low density material, can separate the superfine powders from 2~150μm efficiency, connected with other classifier also is available.

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LHU Contraflow Classifier

Working Principle

LHU contraflow classifier delivers the materials from wind suction device to classifier. And then, under the centrifugal force from classifier wheel and the gravity produced by airflow orientation device, the particles will finally have fine and coarse classifying. 


1. LHU contraflow classifier has the advantage of high classifying efficiency, which is 30% more higher than that of other classifiers, and can most quickly separate the ultrafine particles from the materials within the d97= 5-250 microns.
2. LHU contraflow classifier featured with strong dispersibility is perfect for viscous material, materials of worse fluidity and so on.
3. The classifying range is adjustable within D97=3―100 microns.
4. LHU contraflow classifier can use the machine whose processing capacity is within 0.05―50t/h.
5. It forms online operation with other classifiers.
6. LHU contraflow classifier also can constitute line operation with ball mill, impact mill and various other grinding equipment.

Technical Parameter

LHU contraflow classifier

Technological Process

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