Ball Mill and Classifying System for Grinding Calcium Carbonate

Ball Mill and Classifying System for Grinding Calcium Carbonate

If you want to process ultra fine ground calcium carbonate with high capacity, the best option is used ball mill with ultra-fine classifying system.

Particle size:75um-5um can be adjusted

Capacity:0.5t/h~40t/h can be avaiable

Working Principle

After the material is crushed, it enters the ultra-fine ball mill from the lifter and conveying equipment. The grinding media in the mill uses the energy obtained when the mill rotates to impact crush and grind the material. The fine powder classifier classifies to achieve the separation of coarse and fine powder. Qualified fine powder is collected by the collector. The coarse particles are re-entered into the ball mill from the lower end of the classifier for grinding, and the purified gas is discharged by the induced draft fan.

LHM classifying ball mill

Application Fields

Soft materials: calcite, marble, limestone, kaolin, gypsum, barite, fly ash, slag, etc.

 Hard materials: silicon carbide, brown corundum, mullite, ultrafine cement, zircon sand, andalusite, refractories, etc. High-purity materials: quartz, feldspar, α-alumina, glass beads, phosphor, etc.

Metal materials: zinc powder, aluminum powder, iron powder, molybdenum powder, etc.

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