Flake medium temperature asphalt(Bitumen) processing


LHQ (2)

Raw material: flake medium temperature asphalt
Finished product particle size: D50=9-10μm.
Capacity: 0.5-1.0 t/h for finished particle size D50=9-10μm.(remark :The output is related to the material hardness and softening point)
Yield at the cyclone mouth: >88% (The yield is related to the different ash and hardness of raw materials)

LHQ Classifying Micronizer-flow chart

LHQ Classifying  Micronizer adopts innovative structure technology, using grinding & classification integrated clever design, is currently the only non-grading wheel type ultra-fine processing equipment at home and abroad, has become the first choice of asphalt, carbon nanotubes, carbon black and many other powder ultra-fine processing equipment.

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